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Jack Mars



Stainedglassjack is a self-taught artist by the name of John Mars. A native of Rochester, NY,  he served the Rochester Fire Department for more than 30 years. Consequently, his artwork significantly reflects the life of a firefighter.


Jack's experience related to his artwork is:911 Stained Glass Angel

  • Designed and crafted stained glass and multimedia art for over 25 years.
  • Designed and constructed wood frames for more than 30 years.
  • 1st artist to work with others in combining neon light and stained glass.
  • Taught a stained glass class at the School of the Holy Childhood in Rochester, NY.
    • The class, which consisted of making suncatchers, took about 4 hours to conduct and is available to schools and senior centers upon request.
    • The School of the Holy Childhood is a school for children with learning disabilities
    • SHAPE Program, a school for children expelled from other schools
  • Repaired stained glass windows.
  • Involved in various forms of construction since age 14.

Click on the On-line Art Gallery for original and custom stained glass art and wood and glass frames. Browse for pleasure or new ideas to create your own designs for Jack to custom craft for you.

Jack is currently seeking opportunities to teach his skills to others. Please contact him directly for more information.


Jack is a "pensioned artist" which means it affords him the opportunity to come and stay in your guest house, time share condo, vacation area, etc... as he makes and installs your custom stainedglass windows in your living quarters. This affords him the opportunity to leave the Northeast during winters, while saving you $$$!


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