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Stained Glass  Suncatcher

Read the Democrat & Chronicle article that Jack was featured in!  October 31st, 2010



Shopping for unique gifts?

Browse our Stained Glass Art & Craftsmen's Gallery for original art pieces. The gallery primarily features original artwork by Stainedglassjack:


  • Lamps
  • Frames
  • Gifts
  • Mirrors
  • Pictures
  • Suncatchers
  • Angels
  • Windows
  • Wall Hangings
  • Home Decor


Looking for stained glass artists, craftsmen?

Stainedglassjack is both an artist and craftman. He creates one of a kind pieces by combining stained glass, glass nuggets, bevels, mirrors, wood, and neon light with original and other art media, such as:


  • Mexican Tin Art
  • Posters
  • Music Memorabilia
  • Prints
  • Photographs
  • Lithographs

Stained  Glass FrameJack's original art often includes discarded objects, such as fire hose tips, not usually found in conventional art.  Movie, deco and other nostalgic items are purchased from a company in Ohio called Desperate Enterprises.


Custom Stained Glass
Create a unique flat or 3-dimensional picture, heirloom and conversation piece... In conjuction with your ideas, Stainedglassjack crafts custom design art to your specifications. Specify glass alone or combine your favorite artwork with glass. Glass nuggets and bevels can be used with glass to disperse light in unusual patterns. Contact Stainedglassjack directly for information or to order custom stained glass.


Custom Stained Glass Frames
Extend the subject of your art into the frame through creative use of glass... Glass nuggets, beveled glass and mirrors are used to enhance the lighting effects of the stained glass frame.  Check out our on-line gallery for ideas. Contact Stainedglassjack directly for information or to order custom frames.


Custom Wood/Glass FramesCombined Wood and Glass Frame

Combine wood and glass to accent your artwork...
Wood frame materials include black walnut, cherry, oak, pine and mahogany when available.  All woods are milled and stained on premises. Stained glass and glass nuggets are inlaid into a wood frame, creating interesting light patterns when lit from behind. Mirrors can also be used to enhance the frame. Contact Stainedglassjack directly for information or to order custom frames.



 Browse the Gallery for examples and ideas!



Jack is a "pensioned artist" which means it affords him the opportunity to come and stay in your guest house, time share condo, vacation area, etc... as he makes and installs your custom stainedglass windows in your living quarters. This affords him the opportunity to leave the Northeast during winters, while saving you $$$!

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